General description

Märzen was traditionally the last beer brewed in Bavaria before the brewers ordered a mandatory summer break. It is a dark blond beer in which the malts play a leading role. The beer contained a little more alcohol because of course it had to stay good in the warm summer. When the brewing season arrived again, the remaining supply of Märzen soldier was made at a big folk festival. We still know that party as Oktoberfest. In 1841, Märzen became oktoberfest’s official beer. It remained so until the 1970s.

Strong - Dortmunder beer from Brewery Bierverbond Amsterdam


It has a nose with some honey, in the taste you’ll find a whole grain biscuit. Deep orange.

Fragrance associations

Malt, Honey

External characteristics

Deep orange


Malt | Munich%(48 ), Vienna%(19), Pilsmout (29),%Pale Caramalt (4%)

Hops | Tettnanger

Clearance | Supermoss, filtering

Yeast |W34/70

full of % alcohol | 6


Technical characteristics

Start SG | 1,060

Plato | 15

SVG | 79%

IBU |26

Lovibond / EBC | 7 / 17