Beer in bottle is good and canned beer is cheap rubbish for wanderers. Just a prejudice. Canned beer tastes like iron, another prejudice. If you look at the beer shelf in the Dutch supermarket, it is noticeable that 98% of the beer is in a bottle. Especially the Belgian beers are sloveling themselves to come as beautifully as possible in quirky bottles. Dutch brewers are usually a bit more economical and simply use a deposit bottle or a disposable longneck.

So you’d almost think it’s true what people say about canned beer… And yet it’s not true. For beer quality, canned is much better than glass. Because no matter how dark the glass is, there is always more light coming through than by can. 1-0 for look.

Thinner material
Canned beer is also better to cool than beer in glass. Just because look is a lot thinner than glass. 2-0 for look.

Lighter and Sterkthere
Then look much easier to transport. It is lighter than glass and unlike glass it can’t fall into shards. 3-0 for look.

Iron Flavour
And what about that supposed iron taste? It’s not there, and it’s there. An inseparable part of tasting a beer is the smell of a beer. Try to taste something with your nose pinched. You’ll find out you’re tasting a lot less. So what happens if you put a can of beer on your mouth? Your nose smells the metal from the can, and that’s how you come to the conclusion that canned beer tastes like metal. Pouring ina glass also solves this problem. Well ahead, 3-1 for look.

In the United States, the transition to canned beer has been going on for a number of years.

In the United States, the transition to canned beer has been going on for a number of years. The American consumer finds it very common to buy specialty beer in can.

In the Netherlands, some specialty beers are already available for sale. If you already want to try special beer in a can, go to your specialty store looking for a canned beer from, for example, the Wrench, Homeland or Kees. Proost!