We are entering the fourth quarter of 2019 with a modified lineup. New to our team are Sterk and Vladimir.

Sterkis a wonderful example of where we want to go with our Lager beers. Strong is a Dortmunder beer that is full of taste. Of course taste of malt because that is what our lagers stand out in. We chose the name because Dortmund was the centre of the steel and arms industry. The men had hands there as coal shovels and were super strong. In those claws, a beer like our Sterk fits very well. With 7.5% alcohol, Sterk is our heaviest beer.

Vladimir is a Baltic Porter. Porter? You’re brewing Lager, aren’t you? Indeed! The Baltic Porter is the only Porter brewed with Lager yeast. The reason for this is that in the Baltic states it was too cold to use the original English Ale yeast so did with them with Lager yeast that could with the cold. The result is an extremely moutig beer that, despite the black colour, drinks away as smoothly as a beer. Very accessible.