To conquer the world it just might be too early. That’s not why we do this. But with a Dutch only website we ignore a too large population of the people living in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam 55% of the inhabitants originally comes from abroad. We can safely say that Dutch probably is not their mother language. Add to that the huge number of expats who work here temporarily and you have to conclude that our exclusively Dutch-language website ignores a large group of people.

We have therefore spent the holidays well and translated the entire website! You might have noticed that a Dutch flag has popped up in the menu bar. By clicking on it, you can choose a different language. We have finished the English translation, but translation to French and German is also planned. If you enter our website with an English configured browser, you will automatically see the English version.

If you are very good at languages (we are better at beer) and see that we have a point, comma or whole word wrong somewhere, please let us know. We really appreciate that. You can reach us through all the options mentioned on the Contact page.