We are very happy with everyone who buys beer from Bierverbond and drinks. But customers who come back and come back and come back make us extra happy. That’s why we’re going to pamper these regular customers. If you have ordered beers for at least 2 times in the previous 12 months, we will pay you a beer for each subsequent order!

If you log into the Bierverbond website, you can see under MY ACCOUNT how many orders you have already made,

The fine print we print for a change but just big, that’s so easy (because that’s not so young. You get the cheapest bottles Bierverbond beer for free when ordering at least 12 bottles. If the cheapest bottle in your shopping basket is an American Thirst you will benefit from €2.25 discount. But if Vladimir is the cheapest, your advantage will rise to €2.90. We don’t count gift packages and test boxes. This action runs until 31 December 2020.

And then some more… If you order 24 bottles you will receive no less than 2 beers as a gift from us!