Bierverbond is doing very well. So good that we’ve already grown out of our jackets. The storage of beers was regularly so full that we had to crawl over the boxes in order to get that one box Sterk That’s not a do, of course. And so we rented an extra space in the building where we sit. Now we can easily keep our stock up so that you never grab next to it (even if there is hoarding). An additional big advantage of this space is that we finally have a large outside door. That looks really cool, doesn’t it? Tell for yourself.

We will soon need the extra space very much because at the moment we are working on no less than 7 beers. This week Sterk and Bombay will be filled, two weeks later Pils and American Thirst and another 3 weeks later it is finally the turn of Oh Vienna and 1841. Yes, you read it right, Bierverbond comes with a new beer! Keep an eye on our social media and you don’t miss anything.