We live in Corona time. A virus that we thought was very annoying for China hit the rest of the world at lightning speed. Measures have been taken that we would have thought six weeks ago that we would never experience in the Netherlands. Shops, cafes, and restaurants are closed. You can shop at Appie alone and with a maximum number of people at a time in the store. There’s been a hoarding! Piles of toilet paper and bags of pasta are stored behind our closed doors. There is still no panic, but we are not very far from that point. It’s a difficult time for everyone. A lot of uncertainty. Plans that don’t go ahead. And no one dares say how long this is going to take. For now, the government seems to want to look no further than 3 weeks ahead.

For our brewery, this crisis means that we have lost several outlets. In recent weeks, sales have fallen dramatically. Our webshop is also affected by the crisis. Where other breweries suddenly stomp a webshop out of the ground in order to save their heads, our online store seems to share in the misere. But we’re not down! We are healthy and still have a lot of confidence in our beautiful beers.

Over the next few weeks we will therefore supplement our stock barn with lots of tasty fresh beers. This week a new stock comes in Sterk we think. much better than our first batch. Of course, we liked the first attempt itself, but he was a bit on the sweet side. We’ve dealt with that now. Plus, the new Sterk superhero is just beautiful in your glass. A new cargo is also coming in from Bombay. We didn’t tinker with Bombay. It was good the way it was.

In two weeks we expect a lot of boxes Nieuw Amsterdams Pils This is our best-selling beer, but nevertheless we keep turning on the buttons. Because it can always be a little better! The hop scheme of our lager has been slightly adjusted. We now start by adding the Mandarina Bavaria hops when we cook, whereas we only added it the last 5 minutes of cooking time. Instead, we now add a large amount of Hallertau Mittelfruh at the end. From our own experiments this combination came to the fore as even better and better.

We also expect a new stock from the American Thirst in 2 weeks. We doubted this recipe for a long time because although we are fans of this beer ourselves, we received less positive reactions to it. Apparently there are people who have a different picture of what an American wheat beer should be. We tried to change the ingredients, adjust the water and change the process, but we didn’t get excited about this. So in the end we decided to make the American Thirst with exactly the same recipe as the first time, but very much checked. Because we have learned a lot about the process.

Another two weeks later, our stock Oh Vienna will be replenished. That beer is just delicious so we really tried to make it exactly as it did last time. And that worked out really well. That may sound very simple, but it really isn’t. Malting and hopping are natural resources. Each harvest is unique again. But to make the exact same beer you have to make sure that the ingredients are exactly the same each time. And that’s impossible, of course, if you’re dependent on mother nature. Brewers like Heineken have very good laboratories that analyse all the ingredients and adapt the recipe based on the result in such a way that the beer they brew is the same over and over again. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury. But don’t worry that we could measure looked good so we are confident that this Oh Vienna is Vienna-worthy again!

And then the highlight…. In 4 weeks we expect our first delivery of 1841. This is a completely new beer for us, but a beer we are already very proud of. It is the beer that makes clear exactly what Bierverbond stands for. It’s a Märzen. A what, you say? Märzen is a type of beer that almost no longer exists. It is sometimes printed on a label of a bottle of Helles in Austria, but that’s actually completely unjustified. In Bavaria, brewers were only allowed to brew in ancient times if the outside temperature allowed it. This meant that from 1 April a mandatory summer break was cancelled. In March, therefore, a beer was brewed to which the population could settle during the warm summer months. Because this beer had to stay good despite the warmer temperatures (cooling one did not yet have) made sure that there was a little more alcohol in it. When the brewery reopened at the end of the summer, the March beer was thrown into the clean-up. Around this was a folk festival that we still know today as Oktoberfest. In 1841 Märzen became the official Oktoberfest beer. So hence the name. Our 1841 is a delicious drinkable beer with nice malt notes, a nice spiciness and some fresh fruity citrus notes. Really one of those beers you want another one of them. And one more.

We are very much looking forward to 1841 (the beer). The test batches we brewed were delicious. Let’s come that summer!