Industry organization Craft organizes a mega-collab each year in which two CRAFT members are linked together with the task of devising and brewing a beer together. This Bierverbond is linked to the Naeckte Brouwers from Amstelveen. The assignment we received from Craft was: ‘Do something with seaweed’. The result is the Red Ale called Over Seas. This beer is therefore unique in two respects. It’s not Lagerbut an Ale (beer fermented at hot temperature) and we make use of an extra ingredient outside of Mou, Hop, Water and Yeast.

As the basis for the Over Seas, our recipe for Hey Dude (that’s our California Common, which we only made test batches of) and turned it into a Red Ale together with the Naeckte Brewers. For this we added some Mosaic, replaced the Lager yeast with a neutral Ale yeast and all the malts involved of an English mouthuis. As an extra ingredient, a pouch with seaweed has been cooked with seaweed for the last 5 minutes.