We have a new beer! And we call her 1841. It is a Märzen and for the origin of this type of beer we have to go to Bavaria. In ancient times it was forbidden to brew beer in the summer. So in March there was still a lot of production so that there was plenty to drink in the summer. Nowadays, with a summer beer, we quickly think of something with less alcohol. But that’s because we all have a fridge and the beer stays fine anyway. That used to be different, of course. So a more solid beer was brewed before the summer because alcohol also ensures a better shelf life. And that beer was called Märzen.

When the summer was over, the brewers organized a big folk festival on which the remaining stock of beer soldier was made. We still know that party today as Oktoberfest. From 1841, Märzen was oktoberfest’s official beer and it would remain until the 1970s. Then it was replaced by a blonde variant Märzen that is specially brewed for this feast and has the name Festbier.

Our Märzen is completely easy according to traditional recipe so you will taste what people tasted in Bavaria. A delicious fullMalty beer with a subtle hop bitterness and yet also something fruity from that same hop. The color is amber and the beer is obviously crystal clear.