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Mix&Match Boxes

Mix&Match 12 bottles

Mix&Match 12 bottles


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Mix&Match 6 bottles

Mix&Match 6 bottles


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Boxes for special occasions

VrijMiBo (dutch abbreviation for having drinks Friday after work) Box
Gift Box 6 bottles

Gift Box 6 bottles


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Boxes with one type of beer (from price)

12 bottles of one kind

12 bottles of one kind


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Anything but beer




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Gift voucher

Gift voucher

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When can you expect your beer?

When can you expect your beer? We always try to offer all orders to PostNL as soon as possible Order on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday or Sunday then your order will be delivered no later than Wednesday. Orders made on Monday or Tuesday will be received no later than Friday. In practice, however, it often goes much faster and PostNL is sometimes already at your door the next working day. Once we have offered your package to PostNL, you will receive a Track&Trace code that allows you to follow your order.

* Shipping to addresses in the Netherlands is free. For shipping to Belgium and Germany, 4 Euro is charged extra.


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Important information about our age policy

When you came into this site you were asked if you are 18 years or older. That is for a reason, because we are absolutely not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to people under the age of 18. We therefore assume that you have answered honestly because we think it goes too far to ask for your digital id here. What we do do, however, is ask PostNL to check your id at the door. The delivery guy will determine whether you are actually the right age and if not, your beer will unfortunately be returned to us. Because of this new method, it is no longer possible to get your package delivered to the neighbors, in the morning or in the evening.