General description

Alt beer is an ancient beer from Düsseldorf. When Pils increased in popularity, it was given the name Alt (old), for that it was actually just called beer. Alt is still brewed in the Düsseldorf region and is very popular there. It is a clear, amber-colored beer with a warm taste in which you can discover some caramel, spicy hop notes and fruitiness of the yeast.

Strong - Dortmunder beer from Brewery Bierverbond Amsterdam


This beer brings you with one sip to the cosiness of a Düsseldorf brewing room, warming beer.

Fragrance associations

Spicy pasture, sweet

External characteristics



Malt | Munich dark (92%), Melanoidin malt (7%), Sour malt (1%)

Hops | Perle

Clearance | Carrageenan

Yeast | Lallemand Kölsch style Ale yeast

vol % alcohol | 5


Technical characteristics

Start SG | 1,046

Plato | 11

SVG | 80 m%

IBU | 35th

Lovibond / EBC | 11 / 28