General description

The resurrection of California Anchor brewing heralded the start of into the craft beer revolution. Their popular California Common (or CalCo like theyankees affectionately call him) is the primal mother of all craft beers. Of course we think it’s wonderful that the primal mother is a real Lager. Taste a piece of beer history with every sip.

Hey Dude Californian Common beer of Brewery Bierverbond Amsterdam

Fragrance associations

Sweet smells, sweets, caramel. Lightly roasted malts.

External characteristics

Medium amber


Malt | Fawcett Maris Otter (63%), Swaen Munnich Dark (32%), Weyermann CaraAmber (5%)

Hop | Northern Brewer

Clearance | Carrageenan

Yeast |W34/70

vol % alcohol | 5


Technical characteristics

Start SG | 1.052

Plato | 12, 2014 in

SVG | 75%

IBU | 41

Lovibond / EBC | 10 / 18