General description

Because we think lager is undervalued. That’s why we’re making ourselves New Amsterdam’s Pils. We use the best malts, the tastiest noble hops and our favorite Lager yeast. The result will surprise you. Good lager can be so incredibly tasty!

Nieuw Amsterdams Pils van Brouwerij Bierverbond Amsterdam


A soft, inviting smell. Plump body with distinguished bitterness. Clear of sight and taste.

Fragrance associations

A slightly Maltysmell with a bit of grass from the hops.

External characteristics

Golden yellow with a beautiful white head.


Malt | Pilsmout (89), % Munich dark (11 % )

Hops | Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertau Mittelfruh

Clearance | Supermoss, filtering

Yeast |W34/70

vol % alcohol | 5.5


Technical characteristics

Start SG | 1,056

Plato | 14

SVG | 78%

IBU | 28

Lovibond / EBC | 4 / 9