1841 – Märzen

1841 – Märzen


Nice beer year, 1841. It saw the birth of the amber beer as we know märzen. A new form of the ‘March beer’ as brewed on the end of the winter season. With extra power, to be able to toast until the new brewing season. It was an instant hit at the Bavarian Oktoberfests. 1841 Märzen is a blissfully tuning beer, rich and fulfilling. Makes every day a party.


It has a nose with some honey, in the taste you’ll find a whole grain biscuit. Deep orange.


  • full of alcohol | 6
  • IBU (bitterness) | 26
  • Fermentation | Low
  • Drinking temperature | 5°C
  • Content | 33 cl.
  • Bottle | Longneck
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In the free state of Bavaria, beer brewing was forbidden in the summer months. The last beer brewed in winter was traditionally the Märzen. The population then took a good place to this blonde beer during the long summer months. The Märzen contained a little more alcohol than pilsner so that bacteria that were always lurking didn’t get a chance.

At the end of September, when the ban on brewing ended, a folk festival was held where the remaining Märzen beer soldier was made. At this Oktoberfest in 1841, the Märzen was presented as the official beer for the first time. Since 1970, Märzen is not longer the drink of the Oktoberfest. The beer you now find in the literpoules is Festbier, a lighter variation on Märzen.


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