Is it a Lager Of course. Is it pale? Just look at the color. Is it India? That too, because there’s a good dose of American hops in it. As in the modern version of the ‘pale ale as prepared for India’, IPA. The English export beer from the 19th century that in our day has a flamboyant second childhood. Bombay sets a new course with this India Pale Lager


Splashing citrus fruit under a rich head. Sturdy body. Golden yellow shiny, spicy beer.


  • vol % alcohol | 5.5
  • IBU (bitterness) | 35
  • Fermentation | Low
  • Drinking temperature | 5°C
  • Content | 33 cl.
  • Bottle | Longneck
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Our Bombay is a delicious lager that is enriched with supertropical hops. A big story is oftne made out of that. In short then… Beers shipped to the English colonies had to be sustainable for a long time. That’s why the English Ales were brewed with a good dose of hops. Centuries later, we still do so, but no longer because of its shelf life.


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