Roode Rauchbier

Roode Rauchbier


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Malt is the most important raw material for beer. The drying of malt used to be done over an open fire, so that all the beer had a smoky taste at the time. With the invention of indirect drying in the 19th century, that changed and the smoke gradually disappeared from the beer. Except in Bamberg because there people were attached to the smoky barley. A Rauchbier is amber and, in addition to a lot of smoke, also has some fruitiness and a slight hop bitterness.


A full smoky taste that you will appreciate more with every sip.



  • vol % alcohol | 5
  • IBU (bitterness) | 33
  • Fermentation | bottom
  • Drinking temperature | 5°C
  • Content | 33 cl.
  • Packaging | Can

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Brewing with malt dried over fire is still very popular in Franconian Bamberg. The result is a beer that tastes like earlier times. You smell roast ham, but you really taste a lot more.

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