Of the historical Dutch beer styles, little has been left in the course of time. But some dutch versions of beers of foreign bowl has survived our taste and fashion. Bokbier is the most famous. We have closed the beer from Dortmund in our hearts. Dutch to dort, and popular for years in Limburg. The beer is virtually gone. But it’s a beer to keep loving. Raw bolster, white pit. That’s Sterk


Friendly but firm. Smooth sweet, ready hop. Orange blond in color, heart of gold.


  • vol % alcohol | 7.5
  • IBU (bitterness) | 27
  • Fermentation | Low
  • Drinking temperature | 7°C
  • Content | 33 cl.
  • Bottle | Longneck


Dortmund was the centre of the German steel industry. The men had hands like coal shovels and of course a strong beer fits. The beautiful malts give this beer an extremely malty character that is enhanced by the mineral-rich water. The hops provide a slight fruitiness.


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