It is said that Tsarina Catherine the Great liked dad. From the porters and stouts from England, that is. So much so that the porter – the workman’s beer from 18th century London – created a regional version. Baltic porter became the name. In turn, it is usually made underferment, unlike his British relatives. The dark bastard Vladimir comes from the Baltic shores towards you sailed, full taste ahead.


Fine sparkling brown, memories of liquorice, laurel. It’s not. A bit viscous.


  • vol % alcohol | 7
  • IBU (bitterness) | 25
  • Fermentation | Low
  • Drinking temperature | 7°C
  • Content | 33 cl.
  • Bottle | Longneck
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Our Vladimir is a beautiful Baltic Porter with soft coffee and chocolate flavors of roasted moths. As dark as the night, as tasteful as the day.

The18th century Russian court loved dark Porters with a lot of alcohol. The Baltic Porter is a Lager version of this Porter. Because we like to have more than one beer, we don’t make it too strong. So percent or 7.


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