Smash Galaxy (shipped free*)

Smash Galaxy (shipped free*)


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In order to be able to distinguish ingredients and really get to know them, we brew Smash beers. This stands for Single Malt And Single Hop. As malt we use our pilsner malt and we add 1 type of hop. In this case, we used the New Zealand Galaxy hops. This is a very sought after and therefore pricey hop that is used in many beautiful IPAs (and in our Bombay!). You can always find this hop in combination with other hopping. But what does Galaxy taste like? You can taste that in this Smash Galaxy.

The Smash Galaxy is pretty bitter so you have to love that. We only added the hops during cooking so expect a super fruity and bitter lager, but no India Pale Lager Before that, we should have added the hops during fermentation.


Fruity. Mango. Citrus. Bitter. Lightly drinkable.


  • vol % alcohol | 5.5
  • IBU (bitterness) | 31
  • Fermentation | Low
  • Drinking temperature | 5°C
  • Content | 75 cl.
  • Bottle | Bracket bottle

Out of stock

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A Smash beer is not necessarily super simple. The tastiest beers are often smashes. This Smash Galaxy is especially interesting to taste what Galaxy is for hops. It’s really surprising how much fruitiness Galaxy adds while cooking.

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