General description

Dortmund was the centre of the German steel industry. The men had hands like coal shovels and of course a strong beer fits. The beautiful malts give this beer an extremely malty character that is enhanced by the mineral-rich water. The hops provide a slight fruitiness.

Sterk - Dortmunder beer from Brewery Bierverbond Amsterdam


Friendly but firm. Smooth sweet, ready hop. Orange blond in color, heart of gold.

Fragrance associations

Grassy, hay

External characteristics

Orange blonde


Malt | Pilsmout (67), % Munnich Dark(25), % Pale Caramalt (8 % )

Hop | Spalter Select

Clearance | Supermoss

Yeast |W34/70

vol % alcohol | 7,5


Technical characteristics

Start SG | 1,074

Plato | 18

SVG | 75%

IBU | 29

Lovibond / EBC | 7 / 17